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From the months of May until the end of September, most of us art and music loving Americans gear up for what could be considered warm weather’s best offering to the masses: The Festival. While the festival could just be looked at as a gathering, it really is whatever you make it to be: The road trip across many states or just a few subway lines, the sweat stained clothes, the gobbling of greasy or vegan food from trucks, the hook up you had in your tent, the sweet drum circle that had 50+ people in it, the mushroom trip that allowed you to see Kutulu, the rare 7″ vinyl you bought from pretentious record store guy who swore it was one of a kind, the sweet band you saw thats “totally going to blow up this year” (and when you were right you totally rubbed in your friends faces and asked “who called it????”), or the time you went backstage and hung out in the trailers of bands on tour…THIS LIST COULD BE HUGE. As stated above, festivals are whatever you make it to be.

From the massive gigantic corporate festivals to the small ones that could one be established and held together by an amazing sense of community, each one is as fun as the next. All festivals have an incredible amount of bands that almost leads one to wonder if the only way to see them all is ┬áif borrow the Delorean from Christopher Lloyd for the weekend. I’m sure he’s using that thing all the time. One can only maintane a career playing some of the most bizzare characters in film by being a Chrononaut. Besides being able to see all the bands (from virtually unknown to globe-trotting gigantic), you get to see all the different kinds of people in the crowd. Bros, hippies, hipsters, the older couple trying to stay hip or the older couple simply trying to get hip, they’ve got it all at the festival. Besides the people in the crowd, there are those that come to the festival as vendors representing their artisan skills. Whether they be vendors in food trucks that travel across the lands providing you with that grease you need to make it through the day or the wonderful lady with sweet tapestries, you are bound to see some quality works that people poured some time and effort into just for YOU to enjoy and remember the festival.

In closing, I just want to ask you all to support live music and see some festivals this summer. Even if you find yourself abroad find a festival and just check out the scene. Expose yourself to new music, new people and new cultures.

Links to a few festivals: