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Greg Minah: Painting | Method from Greg Minah on Vimeo.

Here’s a fantastic video of be nice art friends very own Greg Minah. A beautiful peak into the studio and into the methodic and rythmic process of his paintings. Had the amazing privilege to have collaborated with Greg on a large scale painting when we were together as undergrads at University of Maryland College Park… it might be time for a reunion : )

A short video highlighting the unique painting method of Baltimore-based artist, Greg Minah.

Greg Minah creates his abstract paintings by pouring thinned out acrylic paint onto the canvas and then tilting and turning the stretcher to precisely control the flow of the medium. Often, a layer is partially removed with pressurized water before it has a chance to completely cure, leaving only the outline of the poured paint and revealing the multi-layered construction of the work. This method of working might best be described as a collaboration between artist and material. The result is a lyrical moment suspended in time but the significance remains fluid as it relies entirely on the encounter with the viewer.

For more information please visit gregminah.com


Com Truise (Seth Haley) kicks it into hyperdrive through nostalgia lane with Karova off of his compilation Komputer Cast vol. 2 (DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE!) . The video certainly shows us how far we’ve come with music and the integration of technology. I’d imagine it would hold a special place in the hearts of all of you ipad DJs rocking it out on your garage band application!

Check out more about Com Truise and his latest album Galactic Melt on his website : COMTRUISE.COM