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This weekend, writer and musician Peter Friza and myself decided it would be great to check out the MOCCA (museum of comic and cartoon art) to see the exhibits, as we are huge fans of comics and the like.
Upon arriving we realized that there was an event going on, as the museum itself was closed. That’s what brought us to 68 lexington avenue. MOCCA Festival!
Artists from all over the world exhibited their work, as well as making all sorts of collectibles, comic issues, and prints of original art work available purchase.

One artist that hit close to home for me was Chris Castaneda who is also known as Maggot Girl (see image above). It was very heart-felt to see her love for monsters clearly displayed through her work, including offering all sorts of stickers, paper cut-outs, dolls, and original prints. You can follow her blog at The Adventures of Maggot Girl or see more artwork at her official site HERE.

Hope you all enjoyed, as I will be revisiting some of the other great artists i was able to view and talk with during this great festival!