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I’m excited to introduce you to Collaborate Gallery out of Oakland, CA.

‘We believe in the creative power of collaboration, participation, and engagement – where artists from varied backgrounds and disciplines come together to create, and where the community is a part of that experience.’

Collaborate has a fantastic show up right now, MONSTERS, which runs through November 27th. I am honored to have a piece in this exhibit alongside participating artists: Alex Pardee, Andy Batt, Ben Clarkson, Benjamin Billingsley, Buddy Nestor, Chuck Light, Emma Mankin, Eric Shamlin, Gretchen Menn, Joel Zika, Jon Carling, Josh Ellingson, Justin B. Rathke, Kelly Allen, Lisa Wood, Lucien Shapiro, Maeve Grogan, Nicolas Giraud (aka 100taur), Paul Romano, Purebred (Jason Mitchell & Stacey Ransom), Rachel Weiss, Robert Bowen, Rossella Scapini, Scott Wilson, Stephen Reedy, Thomas Ligotti.

Big thanks to Barbara Kyne and Nicole Hills – they’ve been a pleasure to work with and are doing great things over there in Oakland.

You can check out images of the show and info on the gallery at :
Collaborate Gallery


King of Thorn, released in 2009 is an anime movie based off of Yuji Iwahara’s manga by the same name. It’s certainly dark and suspenseful and worth a watch for movie fans of all kinds. It’s been described by movie critics as a cross between the movie Aliens and the television series Lost. Lot’s of twists and turns, complemented nicely through it’s wonderful animation. Definitely a visual pleasure. Look for it on your next netflix venture 🙂 , and if you’d like to check out more about the film you can visit their official site HERE.