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I live in Floral Park, well actually, as of recent it has been decided that I officially live in Glen Oaks (according to the US Postal Service as well as both towns respectively). I am part of the Lost Community.

It is a circle of towns dubbed so during post world war two times. When our veterans came home, this particular area served as an ideal living opportunity. Due to the rapid population growth and housing built, the postal service needed to make sure they would get their mail out on time. They decided to make every person an occupant of Floral Park, Glen Oaks, Bellrose, Little Neck, and New Hyde Park (the west end) all at once. Mail could be sourced out easier, and would get to its recipients in a timely manner.

Since then, the town lines have become so blurred that it’s almost served as a bermuda triangle of sorts. I’ve been stopped while walking by drivers on the road asking me what town they are in, followed by a declaration of the town they needed to be in. Sure enough it would always either be Floral Park, Glen Oaks, Bellrose, New Hyde Park, or Little Neck. I’ve even been revisited by a lost driver, semi frustrated saying ” I drove up four blocks and asked someone else and they said I was in Bellrose, and i looked right and saw a sign a few blocks away for the Glen Oaks shopping center, you told me I was in Floral Park!”.

Growing up here was a unique experience. The suburbs of Queens, where the city meets the island, creates an almost perfect middle ground to live. You can have the city and its hustle and bustle, but you can also have the island, going to the beaches and walking the town. Then, when you’ve had it all, you can go home. It acted as the inspiration for my first series of serious works, “The Monsters of the Lost Community”.

“I come from suburban America. It was a very safe environment and it was a good place to come from in that it was a good place to leave.”
– Robert Mapplethorpe
(he grew up in Floral Park)

Here is the first part of a five part set of photos I have taken of the Lost Community. It will also include some of the work I mentioned above as the set continues. I work on the island, as well as in the city area. When I have had it all, I come home. When I decide to go for a walk, this is what I see.

Warding off evil spirits.
(sidenote, when I uploaded this photo to the post, set to our width of 450 pixels, the height equaled 666 pixels, creepy huh?)



Tree Skewers, or Goal Posts, or The Landing Site

One of the North Shore Towers.

Super Rock

If you stand on the Super Rock this is what you see.

The moon as seen from my corner

photographs taken by Joseph Karwacki with iphone 4s.