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Another WINNER off of the Brainfeeder Records label!
This is one of my favorite tracks off of his new album Outmind. It is very meditative and ambient, while throwing you some really delicious little bursts of bass and glitch. I found myself sinking into some of the spontaneous but graceful pockets of some songs, finding myself rewinding back just so i could stay there a little bit longer.
Listen to more of MatthewDavid HERE.

Brainfeeder Records has very quickly become one of my favorite labels out there. Every album released under them this year has been golden! They feature some all-star heavy hitters like Daedelus, Teebs, Yuk, TOKIMONSTA, Flying Lotus (founders), and many others. MatthewDavid’s Outmind album is definitely the next big win and i look forward to seeing what’s next!



Teebs – Why Like This

Mtendere Teebs Mandowa is a musician and fine artist based in Los Angeles, California. Working with a circle of other brilliant musicians (Daedelus, Flying Lotus, and Yuk too name a few), he brings a very blissful and meditative touch to the L.A. music scene.

To celebrate the premier of his album Ardour off of Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder, he hosted a party and gallery show at Space 15 Twenty in downtown L.A.

Below you can check out some of the work shown at the record release.