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Hello fans and visitors. Today i bring to you, SIMILARITY SATURDAY! Every Saturday, through reasearch and coincidence, I will display and discuss some striking similarities between artists, musicians, etc. from the past to artists, musicians, etc. seen during our current era of culture. Through making art, making posts, and exposing myself to all sorts of media, i’ve found a lot of heartfelt and striking similarities between what is now and what was. It is extremely interesting to unravel people’s inspirations. It not only gives you a better understanding of where they come from, but also gives you a unique chance to relate to having your own inspirations and influences as well. That is certainly one of the things Be Nice Art Friends is all about. Sharing with you a part of who we are! I hope you enjoy this first post, and the many more to come. Your feedback and commentary is always much appreciated and more than welcome. My interpretations may be unique, of course catering to my tastes and my influences, so I graciously accept all friendly debates. Here’s to a great Memorial Weekend!

to start off with a bang i present to you two power houses in their respective media, sporting striking similarities and certainly being a huge inspiration and motivation for me.


1) If you’ve seen Akira, anime film produced in 1988, then you must remember really well the opening sequence especially that heart pumping introduction song (Kaneda’s Theme). The heavy drums, in accordance with the sounds of missiles firing, heavy thunder, and fiery explosions definitely got my blood rushing, sitting in anticipation of what I was about to see. If you haven’t seen the film, or need a revisit check out this clip…


2) Panda Bear! Amazing musician, he is part of one of the best bands making music today, Animal Collective. Let’s visit the track Afterburner, from his latest album Tomboy. Aside from our pending similarity comparison, i get that gooey geeky feeling thinking about it being the same name as that amazing fighter pilot arcade game from the 80’s, wah waaaah. So anyways, back to business. At the opening of the song, you hear what seems to me like a missile firing or some kind of projective flying off. Then come those same rhythmic drums, leading you progressively into that burst of sound you anxiously await. Let’s take a listen…

Preeeetty close if you ask me 😉