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As previously mentioned Long Island City artist Jason Douglas Griffin opened a line up of group shows at the Christina Ray Gallery in SOHO New York this past Thursday. Griffin’s latest installment is made up mostly of works from his “1 Million Ninjas” series, a truly unique installment that pulls a large amount of its materials from the social network Facebook.

Griffin has taken it upon himself to help “Ninja-fy” Facebook, one “like” at a time with his 1 Million Ninjas page on the social network’s site, thus creating completely original works of art a la minute.

This use of Facebook is a great example to showcase one of the many untapped potentials social networking and social media have to offer the art world. The artist incorporates his audience into his art helping to create a real personal bond between the two parties. “Ninjas” is just the beginning, I don’t think the art world and social media have had their last tango just yet.

If you have a chance, please check out this great exhibition:
Exhibition Dates: June 16 – July 3, 2011
Location: 30 Grand Street, Ground Floor . Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6pm
Directions: A/C/E to Canal Street or 1 to Canal Street; gallery is located between Thompson Street and 6th Avenue


Burning the midnight oil this Memorial day in the studio. 2 new works in progress… here’s a look at the floor below. Stay tuned for updates on the Defenders and their piles of debris : )

– BF


Pi – Time Will Tell feat. Reynolds & Griffin from Pi on Vimeo.

presented by Pi. A Lights On Lights Off production. Featuring Reynolds & Griffin.


The newest video by Pi, our favorite musical collaboration of Griffin, Ivan and Jason Reynolds. These three visionaries bring their exciting visual, musical, and written talents together to produce and inspire. Look out for these guys… scribble their names down on a napkin, ” like ” one million ninjas on facebook, and support good artists. It has been an amazing experience to witness part of the process in 301.