Tonight I sat around the dinner table in celebration with three other artists. We’re all from very different walks of life and have different methods of living, but all of us are currently New York City based artists. After the bottles of wine, after the ’90s hip-hop block, after the mojito’s and empanadas, we of course started talking about Occupy Wall Street and it’s importance. Occupy Wall Street is in the process of reinstating and reinvigorating an element of free, creative, public expression back into NYC. This may be the first time New York City has felt like New York City since Sept. 11th, 2001. It took us ten long years to get our groove back. And now, it’s on.

I don’t know who filmed this video. It’s another random gem floating out in the digital world making it’s rounds. Now I present it to you.

Talking protest music at Occupy Wall St. with Spirit Family Reunion.

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