Rachel Meuler_Joseph Karwacki

Opening reception: January 9, 2013 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Address: 220 36th street, suite B-515, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Two blocks from the 36th street N,R, and D trains (second stop in Brooklyn)

“Freedom to Live” proposes a parallel journey by drawing from current cultural oracles of video games, genetic engineering, evolutionary anomalies, and sci-fi to present an array of monsters and hybrids. These depictions raise questions about the possibility of a contemporary hero as interpreted by the art world. “Freedom to Live” will combine the 8-bit pixilated terrain of early video games and mythologist Joseph Campbell’s illustration of the hero’s journey into a “game board” on the gallery walls. While Meuler and Karwacki aim to recontextualize this journey through collaborative works, the viewer is also encouraged to develop his or her own hero’s path.

We hope to see you there, adventure awaits you!
For all of you who are not in the NYC area or can’t make it out, stay tuned. We will be posting (via instagram, facebook [Rachel Meuler & Art Connects New York], and twitter) live feed from the event. All works for sale ranging from 25 to 1500 dollars.

p.s. During our live feed we will be releasing images of a limited edition of 25 collaborative pieces, each 4 x 5 inches at 50 dollars a piece. These select pieces will be available online as well as in the gallery so stake your claim and grab a piece of the adventure!

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