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Moviestar@Todays Art from marieke v on Vimeo.

Moviestar is an interactive installation by Marieke Verbiesen & Neeltje Sprengers.
The installation moulds old and new media together in order to create a reallife moving filmset.
Classic 16mm film, animation, robotics, sound and motiontracking are used to simulate a real life filmset where visitors play the mainrole.

A miniature robotic filmset forms the background for the movie, while interactive animations come are activated once a visitor enters the filmset.
In front of a greenscreen on the other side of the space, the visitors movements are tracked in realtime, both sound and image respond their movements. Projected into a world that consists of monsters, UFO┬┤s and other slightly surreal events, visitors can controll animations by by moving in front of the camera.

Moviestar is the winning project of Workspace 2009;
a contest for artists whose work explores the convergence of moving images and fine arts.