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Dear “Robert” or “Dave” or whoever the fuck you are:

This past Saturday I wanted nothing more then to see LCD Soundsystem’s final show, a band that I quietly followed and grew to love. As the days grew closer to the big show I tried to get tickets at a not-too-outrageous price. It seemed more evident as time passed this would not be possible, then I saw your craigslist posting on the morning of the show (sidenote: FUCK CRAIGSLIST) “Two GA tickets facevalue” so I emailed you.

Knowing it was  a looong shot, I waited. Four hours later “you”, or your “buddy Dave” called me back. I got super pumped, we set a meeting place by Columbus Circle and met up. “Dave” you sold me two printed out tickets (I’ve learned from this to only trust hard tickets) with a nice story. You even showed me your drivers license and check book as a way to ease me into this deal. Cash and tickets were exchanged and we went our separate ways.

Fast-forward four hours to show time.

The second ticket I had was not being used, so I needed to unload it. The minute I made it clear I was selling, I was swarmed by an army of MSG scalpers. I tried desperately to sell the ticket to a legitimate fan, but when someone shoves hundreds of dollars in your face for a ticket it’s hard to pass up. The jokes on the sucker who paid the price I spent on two tickets for one.

As I excitedly approached the entrance, I thought to myself, this will be a great night. I handed the ticket to the ticket collector who without even scanning the ticket said, “this is fake”. That ended this journey. I never did get to see LCD Soundsystem.




Check out this video from the last show, where LCD Soundsystem plays my favorite song of theirs, North American Scum, with the amazing talented group The Arcade Fire, again, FUCK YOU SCALPERS…enjoy:

EDIT: Also check you LCD Soundsytem’s James Murphy’s scalper rant from earlier this year