Join Working Class Gallery as they introduce the works of Brooklyn based artist Ryan Michael Commins at their first ever event at Deluxe Salon in Williamsburg.

October 19, 2013 : Saturday
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Deluxe Salon
211 N. 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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A few weeks ago, I had my first Abominable Snowman sighting! In Brooklyn! I know! And it wasn’t even snowing!
I’m talking about the fantastic band Abominable Snowman, comprised of the very talented Don Porcella and Roland Auer.

I had a great time hanging, talking, and even banging on the bongos, while talking about their music and their debut album “Gasoline Rainbow”.

Here’s their new music video for “Getting Used To It”

Don and Roland have been playing together for a while, and they had all this music, so they started to contemplate how they could release it. The days of the CD are pretty much over, releasing on vinyl is one option, but the internet, and the acquisition of music digitally has taken reign over where fans get their albums.
One of their goals was to give listeners a unique experience in getting their album. They’ve created an Abominable Snowman action figure (made by Don Porcella) containing the music. Pull off his head and bam, you have a thumb drive containing the full album.


Their sound warms my spirit, and the more I listened, the more I heard influences from Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Young, to just about the entire rest of cast of the Traveling Wilburys. I even heard a little Walker Brothers in there.
Starting out as two people, they’ve found their own sound taking the traditional and transforming it by incorporating electronic and found elements. Clinking glasses together, tapping pipes, etc. were part of the samples they used for their tracks. They turned them into wonderful elements in their music. They consider themselves from a folk-tronica background, without staying too tied to it. Don comes from a folk background, while Roland comes from an electronic background as well as many others. It’s the type of music that hones in appreciation from a lot of different crowds. A fan of Wilco would enjoy it, while a fan of Guided By Voices, or even Tom Petty would like it. One of their goals is to eventually be a full membered band, while still maintaining their core sound. Check out their new single “Misery” below. Also check out their debut album “Gasoline Rainbow” through the link below the album art.

Their new single “Misery”

Album Art Work by Don Porcella
Check out the rest of their debut album on SoundCloud.

For more updates about the band, new music, and other awesome content follow them on facebook HERE.