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Garage bands still exist, and yes, in New York. I met with In 1933 to introduce you all to their music, talk about their new album “A Couple Years Late”, and let you know where know where they will be playing next!

At first it’s just your ordinary garage…

Q: Well thank you In 1933 for taking some time out of your practice to talk with me. To start, how did you come by the name In 1933? Is this the original band name, or did you go by other names in the past?

A: In 1933 is in fact our orginal band name. It came to us from a quote in the book 1984 by George Orwell. We also came to learn that it was also the year that marked the end of prohibition, which is pretty awesome!

Q: How long have you guys known eachother? And does that reflect on how long the band has been active?

A: We all known each other for a very long time. Brian and myself (Jason) have known each other since the transformer incident (since we were 7 years old). We won’t get into the transformer incident though, it could get ugly. We knew Joe since freshman year of high school. Before we got together we’ve played in a lot of different bands and projects. We’ve been together though for about a year now.

And then…! (from left to right: Joe, Jason, Brian)

Q: I listened to your debut album “A Couple Years Late” quite a bit before getting here. I really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to here you guys jam out some of those tunes for me. Can you tell me about the title of the album and what brought it to be?

A: Well the album title refers to our band and the process of getting it out there. It has been a challenge through the writing process, and we learned a lot from each other along the way. That mixed with excited friends and fans who’ve heard our music, prompted the title, saying we did it and here it is!

Q: Here it is indeed! Can you tell me about so of your influences? Do you all share similar tastes musically?

A: When we all actually started playing together, we brought a lot of different influences to the table. We all had different tastes and came from different places. Jason was always into classic rock from the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, etc. Joe was always a big punk and ska kind of guy. And I myself (Brian) was influenced a lot by thrash metal. The more we played together, the more we found out we had more musical influences in common that made it all start to come together.

Q: Where can we see you guys play live? Are there any upcoming shows?

A: We mostly play in Brooklyn. We do play venues in Manhattan as well as Long Island, but if you look for us, we mostly play the Brooklyn area. As a matter of fact we have a show coming up this September 1st, Sunday, at the Ding Dong Lounge. We go on around 8:45 and the the rest of the bands playing with us are definitely worth coming out to see as well! It’s a 21+ show and only 6 bucks at the door!


Q: Awesome, do you have any messages for your fans and listeners and new comers to your music?

A: Really our message is, if we can do it, you can! We all love music and we play as much as we can. We had no idea that we would be at this point together, as a band, and doing what we do. It has been a real pleasure to play together and a pleasant surprise to watch ourselves grow to the place we are now!

Q: And now for a fun question. If there were one venue you could all play, real or fictional, where would it be?

A: It would have to be Jones Beach Theatre, but alongside the time vortex created by the Tardis! We will bring the beer…and the pyrotechnics!

I present In 1933! Be sure to check them out. Don’t forget about their upcoming show and check out their facebook page for more updates. Look below for information on their upcoming show as well as a preview to their new album “A Couple Years Late” !

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