It’s an honor to say that back in 2006 I was accepted into and attended the Printer Training Program at the Tamarind Institute for Lithography. Very few people get a glimpse of that world as only 5 to 7 students are admitted each year into the 10 month intense program. For 40+ hours a week I did nothing but eat, breath, and dream traditional lithography techniques. This short film is a window into a remarkable place made possible by remarkable people. Enjoy. And if you have any questions about lithography, The Tamarind Institute for Lithography (“T” for short) is where you want to be.

Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Inc. (TLW) was founded in Los Angeles in 1960 as a means to “rescue” the dying art of lithography. Tamarind became affiliated with the University of New Mexico in 1970 and still thrives in Albuquerque, NM.

Names you should all become familiar with:
June Wayne
Clinton Adams
Garo Antreasian

In the documentary “The Art Of Time” the audience gets an inside look into the world of Tamarind.