I co-wrote/produced this Foo Fighters’ music video. It was part of the “This Video Sucks” contest, there were 11 winners in all.  Check it out.

Sony/RCA 2011

You may want to go to the Foo Fighters’ official youtube channel and watch the other winners as well 😉


I was out at an art opening with some friends downtown last night and in walked this absolutely stunning woman with long entangled curly locks and red stockings who I later found out to be Valerie June. This was the first wow moment. Play the 2011 SXSW Showcase Artist video and visit her page for the second, third, fourth, fifth! An absolute star…

A ‘self-taught’ guitar player, composer and troubadour of heartbreak ballads, folk songs, spirituals, soul-stirring blues and what she calls “Organic Moonshine Roots Music”. Valerie is poised to reach a wide audience as one of the stars of the ballyhooed new MTV web series “$5 Cover” which is written and directed by Craig Brewer, creator of the Oscar-winning movie: Hustle & Flow.


My favorite part is when the artist talks about preserving the creature that had either died of natural causes or that was bred for feeding is being immortalized by these stories and used in this new context within artistic narratives and story telling. Anthropomorphic Taxidermy, as Sue will explain is the process of taking an animal’s skin, preparing it, and putting it in a human-like setting.