China Myth- Havoc in Heaven 2-1

China Myth- Havoc in Heaven 2-2

Heavenly Book of China- Chapter 6

Heavenly Book of China- Chapter 8

Heavenly Book of China- Chapter 4

Mountain and Sea 1

Mountain and Sea 2

In the words of the artist: My work is about being the story – stories that had been passed down by our oral tradition. Some of them are passed down to praise the people who have the power above us, some of them are forced to be the truth, and some of them are told much earlier than it happened.

To me, there is no true story or fiction. Once a story is told, it all depends on the story teller and the audience. The most important part of storytelling is neither about narrating nor illustrating what happened, but becoming the story itself so we can go further into it until the story becomes a part of ourselves. Storytelling is not a mere entertainment. If we want to continue creating our false glories and history, we have to keep making up so many tales and they will eventually become facts.

As a painter, I work with a traditional narrative way to present my vision to people. I am actually being the images from my head when I am creating them. I want to tell stories whether they will be accepted or denied. This is going to be the story of myself.

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