You heard right! Let’s take a look…

Frank R. Paul’s cover art for Science Wonder Stories.

Detail : Note their uniform/suits.

Katarmi Damacy’s hero/roller, the Prince.

Katamari Damacy Box Art

Clearly, without a question, their is an uncanny resemblance between the appearance of the workers in Frank R. Paul’s cover and Katamari Damacy’s prince character. Aside from appearances, let’s look at the story behind these two.

First, let’s discuss Frank R. Paul’s artwork. I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on any of these stories, but just by studying the cover one can safely assume a couple of things. One, the workers look to be mining and gathering other materials for resources. The same clearly goes for the large bird like robots shoveling into the ground and hill side.

Now let’s discuss Katamari Damacy. The plot of the game places you (the Prince) on earth, sent by your father (the King of the Cosmos) to collect and gather resources from Earth in order to replenish, and replace the stars and planets that the King himself devoured the very night before.

I wonder if their is any symbolism relating the shape of their heads to what they are depicted doing in their respective settings…