Frank R. Paul is one of the fathers of science fiction art, influencing the genre until this very day. Originally set out to study as a priest, the young Frank R. Paul decided to study art, architecture, and mechanical drafting instead. These studies are what became the founders of his wonderfully imaginative science fiction work.

In 1926, he created the logo, cover artwork, as well as the black and white interiors for Hugo Gernsback’s Amazing Stories. Throughout the span of his career, Paul painted over two hundred published covers, as well as over a thousand black and white interior pages. For an entire generation of authors, artists, and scientists, Frank R. Paul forever defined everything that was exciting and extraordinary about the genre of the fantastic. His cover illustration cause Isaac Asimov to pick up the first science fiction magazine he had ever seen, while working at his family’s candy store in New York City. That same same year (1926) on the opposite end of the country, Forrest J. Ackerman picked up his first issue of Amazing Stories in San Francisco

Truly a remarkable artist. A true inspiration to the imagination, Frank R. Paul’s artwork will remain timeless for many years to come, reminding everyone about the beauty and wonder of the fantastic.