Martin Dosh (born September 6, 1972), known in music as Dosh, is a musician and multi-instrumentalist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As an artist, Dosh is a percussionist who uses various electronics, often with a Fender Rhodes. Dosh has been characterized mostly as experimental and electronic-based due to his use of many samplers and looping machines and the rhythmic feel of much of his music, with songs often relying on Dosh alone on keyboards, marimba, and drums. Dosh is often in collaboration with other musicians during live sets and on recording, both locally and nationally known.
Dosh’s most recent release from May 2008 is Wolves and Wishes. The album features appearances from Bonnie Prince Billy, Andrew Bird, Fog, Odd Nosdam, and long-time contributors, Mike Lewis and Jeremy Ylvisaker.

watch the process of Martin Dosh as he performs ” Fireball” live at the Varsity theater.