Greg Minah
landscape and occupation
acrylic on canvas
42″ x 42″

Another talented painter to come out of the UMDCP Art Program! Greg lives and works in Baltimore and dreams of one day being on Art Game showslike his buddies in NY : ) He is a part time comedian / magician, a highschool homecoming king and some may know him as “major”. Keep up the hard work Greg – the new paintings look awesome. Special big congratulations to you and your lovely new wife! Enjoyed the Facebook album experience of it all. Are we going to have a 10 year collaboration reunion piece? Maybe you’re due for a NY trip in the near future?


Taken from the new Wagon Christ album ‘Toomorrow‘, out now on CD, LP and download: The one and only Luke Vibert returning to the fray – the king of stoned exotica, ridiculous vocal samples, toothsome puns, swinging rhythm and the psychedelic groove, Vibert has never been one to take himself too seriously, but his music continues to delight.

The ‘Chunkothy’ video is directed and animated by Celyn Brazier at Nexus with Beccy McCray providing invaluable production skills. Bali Engel helped colour and provided the beautiful animated sequences for the insect loop and fishes. Margot Tsakiri-Scanatovits and Manav Dhir also provided colouring skills and contributed to the animation of the insects. Steve Mc Inerney constructed the final edit with perfect timing and imagination.

The animation was created in Photoshop, with most sequences on one layer. It was as simple as that really. No gimmicks, no tweeny motion tricks, no cgi. Celyn created small beat guides for reference, sometimes following the rhythm, for example on the bouncy ball loops, but mostly as many random patterns and as much weird sh*t that he could possibly make in six weeks.

Look out for the Mexican cat!

Celyn Brazier – directing, deigning, colouring, animating
Beccy Mccray – producer
Steve Mcinerney – editor
Bali Engel – colouring, animating
Margot Tsakiri-scanatovits – assistant colouring
Manav Dhir – assistant colouring