Let me start this entry by appologizing for the tardiness of this post. It has been a crazy week and I found myself without the internet around post time. I hope you all coped well without my presence in your lives yesterday and I promise it will not happen again.

I write this as I sit in my favorite coffee shop. Its a beautiful day outside. A little above 50 degrees. Bluebird skies and a nice breeze flowing through my City’s streets. The snow is giving way to mud, stockpiles of cigarette butts and various forms of trash are uncovered from their white blankets. The driveway has finally emerged from its icy covering to reveal a wide rocky path (I moved in during the month of February and was starting to wonder if I have been parking my car in a legitimate driveway or just a space between two buildings). It is spring. The streets are wet with melted snow, soon the rivers and waterfalls will be flowing reaching top speed around the months of May and June.┬áThe people are happy. Happy to emerge from their winter hibernation and happy to sit comfortably outside. Men and woman will begin shedding their layers and showing another inch of skin day by day only to be naked in midsummer heat while sunbathing by the geological creations my fine State possesses but are hidden away deep in the woods. I love spring. I love that I can take my bicycle out of storage and ride freely while avoiding puddles and potholes created by the deep winter freeze that overtakes my City. During the winter I don’t feel at home here. Once I can walk on and ride along the streets again then do I feel welcome at home. I betrayed my State last summer and found myself on the West Coast of America but this summer I instead foresee myself lazily exploring the North East, driving on dirt roads, climbing rolling mountains and watching the streets from my friends’ porches. Sounds like a plan to me.