Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants, consuming any living animal that falls into its trap. The plant lures its prey by presenting itself in an array of colors as well as nectar. Once they take the bait, the prey fall into its cavity of which it can’t escape. It is too slippery and difficult for most insects to get out. After it’s been trapped, the insect will drown in the fluid at the bottom of the cavity, being digested slowly. It has been reported some pitcher plants have captured larger prey such as small rodents and birds.

The interesting thing about it’s digestive system is that once a pitcher undergoes indigestion, it’ll remove itself from the rest of the plant, and a new pitcher will grow in it’s place. So that’s how plants go to the bathroom huh?

In the video you will find some beautifully orchestrated scenes of the plant’s growth and development. Truly remarkable. Enjoy!